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Calling all students!

Support, mentoring and training is our speciality

We are passionate advocates of supporting, mentoring and training students and young professionals.  We understand how difficult studying can be for budding Landscape Architects and Ecologists, and so we are currently working on a library of downloadable information to assist with these studies.  Please contact us to sign up for this valuable resource.

Why work for James Blake Associates?

We have an audacious goal to save the planet by showing the development world the bare facts, and just how much they will save by going greener.  We want to spread this message to as many people as possible so they can help save the planet too.

We have mentored a great number of our team through the Pathway to Chartership.

We are committed to the continual professional development of all our graduate trainees.  We offer a structured training plan where our graduates are able to set their own career goals and measure their progress towards these.  We also pay for professional membership fees.

We offer bursaries for further education and believe in creating training opportunities in the work place.  Students will have the opportunity to work on large, high profile projects, as well as manage their own smaller projects.

At James Blake Associates, we value our unique, friendly, mutually supportive culture, and we only employ those who fully appreciate such an environment.  We have been in practice for over 30 years, and have excellent HR, staff welfare, benefit systems, and provisions.  We are a dynamic, growing company, with a phenomenal, vibrant, team of staff that has an enormous wealth of experience.  We welcome like-minded students, who are keen to help us progress and who we hope, will eventually fill some of our more experienced positions.

James Blake Associates is situated within the inspiring Suffolk countryside, with Bury St Edmunds and Colchester as local, historic towns.  We have the best of many worlds – the space and beauty of the country, close, direct links to London, and a commitment to national cutting edge schemes.

We offer our new recruits an attractive salary package, and our work / life balance is extremely important to us.  The working world is changing and we want to make sure we attract the right people, which may include people that can’t work full time, those who prefer to work from home, toil flexi, or job share.  The health of our staff is also important, and while we enjoy a slice or two of birthday cake, we also provide fruit for our employees, as well as supporting and encouraging an active lifestyle (with a possible subsidised gym membership) and community involvement.

We spend a great deal of our life in work, and so it is vital that we enjoy it!  We foster an amazing team spirit by organising regular social and team-building events.  James Blake Associates also offers staff members:

  • A structured plan to map personal career progress
  • Increasing responsibility to manage projects
  • Regular training on a structured programmes
  • Training for nationally recognised qualifications
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