Culture and Values

Our Vision Statement


Together we'll make a difference – by creating greener places and brighter futures

We are committed to the mission, vision and culture of James Blake Associates, the team, the work and to our clients.


  1. A clear vision: a vision that means something – that enrolls and inspires.
  2. Growth: to create career opportunities for team members, and raise our profile and reach.
  3. The right clients: They will be:
    • Reputable, collaborative, progressive and value people, the landscape and the environment.
    • They will respect their consultants as part of their team and pay their fee bills on time.
    • They will be people we get on with and like, to help achieve their goals.
  4. Working Together: creating inspirational and sustainable environments.


  1. Great multi-disciplinary teams: great team members, experienced, technically skilled, trained, all playing above the line, working collaboratively, contributing their own qualities, and supporting each at all times.
  2. Disciplined culture: mastering and then optimising our time management, delivery of our work, communication and systems of operation.
  3. Fostering internal and external relationships in alignment with our culture statement to enable mutual respect and understanding.
  4. Consistently maintaining a professional approach, a ‘can do’ attitude and upholding the customer service charter.
  5. Encouraging team members’ intrinsic drive to create the best environments they can with the circumstances they face, and resources they have. To encourage:
  • Efficiency and working ahead of deadlines.
  • Quality, in content, accuracy & presentation.
  • The wow factor – service or design.


  1. Continuously seeking creative solutions: value and innovations in an ever- evolving world.
  2. Regularly reviewing outputs: to meet aspirations & demands.
  3. Consistent, efficient checking: for completeness, accuracy and clarity, to maintain consistent quality of outputs.
  4. Customer service: building ever closer relationships and client loyalty through being highly personable with all communications and living the Charter.
  5. Our integrated working approach: between all James Blake Associates disciplines.
  6. Our recognised specialist expertise: includes residential, leisure and education sectors.


  1. The elephants: deal proactively with the problem areas, continuously improving our systems of operation and information management.
  2. De-clutter systems, routines & roles (make roles and systems as simple and clear as possible).
  3. Fail to plan – plan to fail: to plan every day in advance and visualise how you want it to go.
  4. Be ‘audible ready’ through being able to deal with curve-balls, and being flexible enough to prioritise the most urgent work on the day.


  1. Raising brand profile: through marketing, positioning strategies and specialist expertise.
  2. Niche focus: what fires us up? What we do well and what makes most money?
  3. Recognising, celebrating & promoting our successes.

We aspire to deliver the 7 C’s of our Customer Service Charter:

  • Caring enough to go the extra mile: taking the time & trouble to fully understand client needs, their objectives & pressures.
  • Communication: warm, friendly, empathic, helpful and positive communication at all times. Look for the ways and words, to allow everyone to succeed.
  • Cooperation: we have a “no problem” spirit. Courteous collaboration from the whole team to get things done and nurture happy clients.
  • Creativity: we strive for innovative, ‘wow-factor’ ideas that add value, save money and demonstrate the clients’ brand differentiations.
  • Certainty: a stable and sufficiently resourced team who share the commitment and passion to deliver quality products and services on time, every time.
  • Commercial awareness: a team that understands, appreciates, and responds to client objectives.
  • Consistency: QA systems, ongoing training and relentless attention to time management, deadline management and streamlining systems.

JBA Environmental Policy

JBA Sustainability and Biodiversity Statement

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