Case Studies

Duddenhoe End, Essex

Duddenhoe End, Essex

James Blake Associates was commissioned to provide a set of landscape plans and documentation for a planning application and subsequently the schedules for tender to the landscape contractors. Several key landscape and visual considerations were addressed during the design process, taking into account the particularly rich heritage around Elmdon, Essex.…


Visualisation of Development Proposals

Visualisations are a key part of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) and Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment (TVIA). They illustrate the likely landscape and visual effects of a proposal and help competent authorities to understand the likely effects. Last September the Landscape Institute published a new Technical Guidance Note…

Red Lodge Landscape Design by James Blake Associates

Red Lodge, Suffolk

The 300 individual plots contain a series of open space fingers and nodes that include a County Wildlife Site, designated for the rare lowland, rabbit-grazed, lichen heathland. Much of this was lost to bracken encroachment, needing intervention to restore this lowland heath. This constraint and opportunity ensured the need for…

Play Area by James Blake Associates

Sherborne, Dorset

James Blake Associates was commissioned to create beautiful, sustainable, bio-diverse landscaping for this much considered new housing development; landscaping that was sympathetic to the historic, local town, and to it its highly respected natural surroundings. Christopher Trollope, Bovis' Landscape Architect, remained committed to every stage of works.  His dedication to…

Beach huts

Martello Park, Felixstowe

Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) redeveloped the south seafront as part of the wider regeneration of Felixstowe. JBA was invited by Bloor Homes to prep stage 1&2 outline proposals for a masterplan that involved 6 acres of residential development and 11 acres of parkland incorporating an ancient monument – the…

Skylark nest (Alauda arvensis)

Infrastructure Works across Suffolk Route

The JBA Ecologists are currently contracted to carry out Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) across a 37 km cable installation route in Suffolk. This large infrastructure project requires careful coordination with the site construction team to ensure the ecological constraints are managed whilst working to the tight project deadlines. As…

Stoke Quay Ipswich, Landscape Design by James Blake Associates

Landscaping at Stoke Quay, Ipswich

James Blake Associates was commissioned to carry out - concept through to detailed landscape design and working drawings/setting out for the construction of new apartments and underground parking, on the beautiful quayside at the heart of the town of Ipswich. This encompassed landscape handworks and softworks, i.e., surfacing, boundary treatments,…

Island Gardens Landscape Design by James Blake Associates

Open Space Refurbishment, Island Gardens, London

James Blake Associates was commissioned to carry out concept through to completion, the refurbishment of spaces around an existing apartment block and landscaping within a new development and surrounding streetscape. The design provides a robust and attractive solution with a welcoming frontage, tranquil inner courtyards, areas for sitting, play, and…

JBA Arboriculture

Retaining Woodland At Low Cost

Ipswich, Suffolk Retaining existing trees and habitats is always the best way to landscape open space, but the key is to get the protection in place in advance, (as well as the understorey and habitat).  Of course, an unkempt mess is generally not suitable within a development, particularly for the…

Case Studies