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Landscape Design

Our landscape designs are functional and creative, realistic and innovative

Our schemes balance the needs for immediate impact and design longevity.

James Blake Associates has an established reputation for innovative design concepts, solidly founded on a depth of practical design-development expertise and extensive practical experience in achieving wow-factor soft and hard landscape designs on the ground, including 30 actual practice years of real site construction and contract experience. A key difference with James Blake Associates is that all this comes with built-in value innovation, (not just value engineering, but better solutions and schemes for less build cost and less ongoing maintenance cost).  Cost effective hard and soft landscape detailing is a key strength of the practice that underpins innovation – we explore new ways of doing things that are genuinely faster, better and lower cost: Solutions that add value and raise development profits.

James Blake Associates actively promotes greener, more sustainable and natural design solutions: Because they save clients massive sums of money, without costing the earth. One recent scheme, the saving by promoting a greener, more sustainable and natural solution reduced costs over ‘normal’ or typical green infrastructure budget provision by £1.848 million. Going green really can make that much difference. Let us show you how we can help you share in the benefits of this knowledge and experience. James Blake runs CPD seminars on how to achieve these results: Call and book a CPD seminar today: We provide certificates of attendance and lunch.

Our team members enjoy weekly, well-organised training, investment and mentoring – to ensure an extensive team-wide understanding of how to achieve context-appropriate, successful landscape schemes that work: We call it “Concept-ability to build-ability.”

Our implementation experience has ensured that common construction errors are minimised by providing clear notes, details, and instructions on our drawings. Our in-house, unique landscape design software allows a high level of detail to be achieved in the tight space available on the plan, yet also clarity, with uncomplicated indication of species without looking up a code. Our drawings and specifications reflect and accommodate current design guidance, concerning building regulations, access, security and just for example, the required planting distances for shrubs and trees in terms of their respective influence zones on building foundations is entirely coded within our software to guarantee compliance, and deliver RIBA stage-5 level construction information: This information is also given in the planting schedule, so project engineers (and all the design team), can be sure of compliance to guidance and freedom from design risk.

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