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Landscape Design

Our landscape designs are functional and creative, realistic and innovative

Our schemes have immediate impact and design longevity.

James Blake Associates has an established reputation for practical design development with value innovation, as well as extensive experience in no-nonsense planting and hard landscape design, site construction, and contract knowledge.  Hard and soft landscaping is also a key strength of the practice. This strength and knowledge provides a platform for innovation – we explore new ways of doing things that are faster, better and lower cost.

Our team members have extensive understanding of how to achieve context appropriate successful schemes, with available and cost effective plant materials that offer great impact from the start.  Hard landscape detailing by James Blake Associates offers detailed attention to character, function and cost.

Our experience has ensured that common construction errors are minimised by providing clear notes, details, and instructions on the drawings. Our software allows a high level of detail to be achieved in the tight space available on the plan, yet clear indication of species without looking up the code. The planting distances of shrubs and trees from buildings are all on a layer and in the schedule, so there are no conflicts.

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Tayfen Meadows