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We have found a great new product to VE open space and play design schemes..

…that will save money on conventional bench seating, add colour and offer the opportunity to display art or information graphics, or even be part of a way-finding strategy.

The Art seat a simple solution.

The Art Seat is very flexible in how it can be used; it has a contemporary feel, but when produced in earth colours, blends well with more traditional settings too. The seat needs no fixings, due to the weight of the fill, but can be if needed for added security using our brackets: Simply unload and place in the desired location, fill 75% full with dry aggregates or sand, re-seal, flip over insitu and there it stays. It cannot be rolled, once filled, due to the re-settling of the dry material inside. For internal foyers and office entrance halls, no fill is required so that you can move the seats around easily to suit your needs.

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