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Value Innovation

‘Value Innovation’ means better, faster & lower cost designs: Is your consultant value innovating? I believed I was a commercially aware Landscape Architect; after 30 years working for top house builders, but ‘you don’t know what you don’t know!’ Establishing OASIS Ltd – a Landscape Management co. (2010) means, I now pay for the maintenance work on sites personally, which proved a light-bulb moment ref. designing cost-effective public spaces…

We now design these more naturally: The big savings are achieved from 7 key factors, – the devil is in the detail. Think Richmond Park – forget Hyde Park: ” Visiting an old L.A.P. with a view to adopting it, it was evident that much of what we designed could never be sustained with normal levels of maintenance: It cost c £1500 to build, i.e. about £15/m2: Path, knee rail, seat, bin, hedge, grass lawn, wooden play items – what could go wrong? The hedge was a thicket, 8m tall, hacked thrice per year, a pointless unused space. Had I, back then, just specified 1 hornbeam, plus 9 hazel, guelder rose and dog-wood whips, wild flower seeded the rest, it would have needed little maintenance today + cost just £300 or £3/m2, saving £12/m2: Imagine the saving x 10 hectares of open space?

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Value Innovation