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A True Demonstration of ‘Going-Green’

These images are a real demonstration of the “Go-Green” message, and how JBA is going greener, faster, better and at a lower cost.

JBA’s key point of difference is not just ‘Go-Green’ and not just ‘Value Innovation’ – it is the combining of these two great strengths, and this is what makes us unique.

When we propose wildflower, if our spec is followed, then you get this – spectacular wildflower impact. Good for bees, free from pesticides, and good for sales too.

JBA value innovates all through the process of delivering greener, more biodiverse, and sustainable landscapes. From the first walkover, to the last detail of the specification, JBA is value innovating, using faster and lower cost ways of delivering better and more sustainable schemes; schemes that need less maintenance, and less cost to ensure a sustainable ecological system and landmark landscape.

It’s great to work with clients like Bovis who understand the importance of following the specification and who now reaping the rewards of this stunning, biodiverse, sales aiding landscape.  James Blake.

‘It is so good to work with someone who is so knowledgeable and is always challenging and pushing the boundaries of landscape treatment.’

Christopher Trollope, Senior Landscape Architect, Bovis Homes South West region

James Blake Associates go-green  James Blake Associates go-green    James Blake Associates go-green

Go-green House

Attenuation pond, Sherborne