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The Aylesbury Approach – Natural Garden Cities

Why we are doing it?

This is ground-breaking, ecologically led, landscape design which is good for all parties.

  • More biodiverse.
  • More sustainable.
  • Costs less to deliver.
  • Faster to establish.
  • Lower maintenance .
  • Less costly to maintain.
  • Preserves and sustains ecological systems.
  • Produces healthier communities who are more in touch with nature.

What are the basic approaches?

  • We retain as much existing landscape and associated ecological systems as possible.
  • We create extensive SUDS facilities that don’t rely on underground tanks and establish opportunities for wildlife and biodiversity enhancement.
  • Where the ground is necessarily disturbed for SUDS and other regrading, any new landscape provision is designed to be naturalistic and uses indigenous species to seamlessly blend with existing retained landscapes.
  • Landscape provision is guided by ecological input from ecologists.
  • Management is considered with all landscape provision with the intention of creating lower sustainable levels and costs of management.
Alylesbury Natural Garden City