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Strategic Landscape

We save developers significant money and add huge value through strategic landscape expertise and intelligent planning.

By planning open space in the right places with the optimum length of interface, we will secure the maximum numbers of dwellings overlooking green spaces.

James Blake Associates is able to assess sites for their green constraints, and carry out strategic landscape surveys that will assist our clients with their land purchases.

We can prepare the green pages for site specific development briefs and optimise value and savings by selecting approaches and strategies that make a real difference.

James Blake Associates landscape and visual appraisals (LVA’s) and townscape assessment methodology, uses current guidelines that inform and justify development layout options, and which also recommend practical and cost effective environmental strategies, (such as the JBA ‘Go-Natural’ approach).

The LVA can be extended to assess impact (LVIA), once the layout is certain. We flag any potential conflicts between our firm and others, or between landscape and other environmental and infrastructural constraints in order to avoid failure of planning.

We establish landscape strategies and concepts, from characterisation studies to speed planning through to the demonstration of good due-process. Existing settlement patterns and street profiles are helpful in preparation of design concepts and landscape design briefs. Our coloured sketch layouts are well referenced and supported by our library of photographs and construction details. Urban design and landscape character studies do not cost much in fees, but serve to guarantee more successful and more cost effective schemes.

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