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We are all about the slippery, slithery, and the furry!

We can help developers plan ahead to prevent financial loss, potential significant delays in construction, or criminal prosecution.

Demand for development land in the UK is increasing. Many developers are looking for potential sites to build on. Some areas may contain wildlife and habitats that are protected under Local, National or European legislation. There are increasingly serious repercussions of seeking planning permission without consulting a qualified ecologist to first evaluate the site and surrounding area for protected species.

Our Ecology Department provides a cost effective, commercially aware service for our clients, with the ability to save clients’ money through advanced licenses, e.g. for bats, dormice, and great crested newts.  We sometimes, also undertake habitat management works to maximise suitability and diversity of receptor sites, or to prevent protected species colonising development sites.

We can install and inspect wildlife exclusion fencing. We design our own receptor sites and input into the landscape masterplans, providing a complete and integrated service.

During the winter, when the survey season is quiet, the ecologists are qualified to complete winter clearance work and are trained to carry out tree survey work and ecology related landscape design.

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