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Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is a new legal requirement affecting most types of planning applications in England.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is a new legal requirement affecting most types of planning applications in England.

BNG refers to how a developer must consider the environmental impact their development or project has in terms of biodiversity. BNG aims to ensure that the biodiversity of the development is left in a better state than before works commence providing an uplift of 10% of BNG.

This new legal requirement was introduced since February 2024 (for larger sites) and April (for smaller site) and is now mandatory across England.

Our team of ecologists have been well-established in this field for years as BNG represents a proactive approach to balancing development with environmental conservation, aiming to ensure that economic growth does not come at the expense of biodiversity loss.

What is a BNG unit?

We use Natural England and DEFRA Statutory metric which uses habitat features to calculate a ‘baseline value’ equalling ‘BNG Units’ by assigning every habitat on a site.

Using the Statutory metric, enables a comparison between the existing value of a site and what will be delivered through the development and management plan, which may include an increase in natural habitats through retention and enhancement and/or creation, which goes over and above the identified environmental habitat originally on site.

How can we help?

At JBA, we work hard to ensure BNG truly delivers for nature, in addition to existing environmental protection in the planning system. We have over 35 years of experience of creating nature-rich spaces and forming an integral part of our greener schemes.

We work with both landowners and developers to advise on every step of the way to achieve the criteria of biodiversity net gain.

  • Biodiversity Net Gain using the Defra metric
  • Ecological Appraisals and Impact Assessments
  • Habitat management, improvement and creation plans
  • Advice on biodiversity onsite credits, offset strategy and habitat banking
  • Protected Species surveys
  • Maintenance and monitoring services for the legal 30-year term
  • Professional consultancy services

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