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Lock-Down Routines & Rituals: Desk to 45 Challenge:

With studies showing that inactivity is the new “smoking” when it comes to health & well-being, getting stuck under your desk has become a big issue & loss of fitness a real-life risk.

You are undoubtedly 35% more efficient than last year for not doing all that crazy-horses driving about the country that used to waste so much of respective time & lives. So take regular breaks or a big lunch-time one & go for a walk. This is important: a walk for 45 minutes a day will reduce chances of heart disease and developing deadly & debilitating diabetes by 50%.

Just make walking your routine: It takes 21 days of enforcement to make a new habit & 21 days to break an old bad one: So here is your challenge: ‘Look at the person in the mirror and make the change’ – today: Have a sandwich – then out that door: Communing with nature is known to de-stress you, and benefit your health & wellbeing in so many ways: Breath deeply and enjoy the walk.

As you progress, walk more briskly, as 10,000 steps is possible in 45 minutes. This daily routine will help you live longer, better, happier & will increase your productivity another 15%. Make it an hour and a half – it will help you even more. #health #wellbeing #mentalhealth #wellness #selfcare

Lock-Down Routines & Rituals: