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James Blake Associates Supporting Louise in her Career Development

Louise Fitzgerald – Professional Environmental Assessor

Louise joined James Blake Associates in November 2016.  With a master’s degree in Environmental Geography and Climate Change, and a genuine passion to develop a career in saving the planet, Louise made an instant and perfect fit for James Blake Associates.

Louise’s commitment was evident from the first day, and the Directors of James Blake Associates quickly offered Louise the opportunity to train as a Landscape Architect.  Louise gladly accepted, and she now finds herself half-way through a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Landscape Architecture with the University of East London.

James Blake Associates is very proud to be supporting Louise in her career path, by providing a full bursary for her studies.  Louise has the best of both worlds – while working and earning within a professional capacity, she is also training to further her career, with a view to joining the Landscape Institute’s Pathway to Chartership after graduation.

Louise thrives on this busy schedule and loves that no two days are the same.  Louise particularly favours strategic landscape planning, and likes that every site is entirely different, each one bringing unique challenges and the need for lateral thinking, and varied approaches.  She also finds it hugely rewarding to oversee projects from the very start through to fruition.

Louise is now a seasoned member of the James Blake team, and is in fact, imparting her experience and knowledge to our newest graduate recruit, Environmental Assessment Assistant, James Cooke.  It is certainly true that no two days are the same for Louise.   Indeed, outside of work, she is also learning Spanish, so in the future, when we open our European office, we’ll definitely have Louise as one of our driving forces!

Pages from a recent study portfolio created by Louise.