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Indian Summer Dream

How much might you be longing for one of those dreamy, mellow Indian Summers: like those that garlanded our childhood memories – with slow-mo sunny afternoons and lingering picnics in favourite country places – special only to us?

Well, I am dreaming – and dreams can come true, but first you have to have one: Looks like the dream is about turn real for both of us, as my favourite auntie – that’s Mrs Auntie Azores-High to you; is coming to tea on a lawn near you! And isn’t she most welcome. No in-your-face, frying-pan, sleep sapping heatwave – this will be a gentler, softer warmth, with just a touch of early autumnal echoes, just cool nights perhaps, but otherwise enjoy those fruitful ‘more tea Vicar?’ type, long, golden, sunny afternoons, red admirals fluttering & wasps buzzing lazily on cider fermented apple windfalls, Victoria plums with lustrous purple hues, hydrangeas in their regal glory, fuchsias, ice plants and michaelmas daisies, all smiling to us, amid the dappled sunlit gardens, hosting their hover flies and painted lady guests with such great grace and dignity.

September starts as August exits, with most of the UK bathed in the golden, long rays of a seemingly endless end to a mixed summer, hosepipes needed more than at anytime before, but watering will be a small chore to the bounty of bustling barbecues and cold beers shared among welcome friends. Faint zeffers of fresh, autumnal air from a gathering cold core over the north pole, may be perceptible as September progresses, to serve to remind us that the dream of timeless quiet and sunny afternoons will not last forever, and should be savoured like glass of chilled Chablis: For developers, reptile seasons will be extended – allowing our ecologists a longer translocation period and greater chance to avoid delays, by ensuring clear sites: See the charts for the end of the fortnight forecast period. #nature #gardens #indiansummer #ecology #sunshine #development

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indian summer dream