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Heartening So Many Clients Still Going Strong

Whilst many clients are locked down, many are still going, all working from home. There is a shared commitment that even if this horrid disease were to linger for a year, it’s a short time in development time frames, and promoting new sites is still crucial, to ensure we have sites to move forward on when life returns to normal. We have a highly experienced strategic landscape team here to help promote new land.

At JBA, we believe it is also worthwhile re-value engineering existing “In the can” schemes, to make them lower cost, raise profits, but also ensure they are better, greener, more bio-diverse too. This is because JBA can deliver better, lower cost (in build and maintenance) by re-engineering existing schemes into more natural ones. We also find excessive use of and overly “wibbly” paths, resulting in corner cutting, expensive curved railings when faceted ones – designed to fit standard panel lengths would be half the cost, excessive street furniture and our secret saver – learned from also running a landscape management company.

We have prepared a saving that’s simple – its also no-win, no-fee.  Generally, savings of between £10k and £50k are assured, for a fee of £1k or less. Contact You James Blake Associates to start the process – 01284 335797 /