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Healthy Eating

Do you want to make a difference with climate change?
Do you want to be healthier and live longer?

All you have to do is eat less meat and your carbon footprint drops like a stone, and you get fitter and healthier to boot. I used to detest vegetarian food, and the sight of a nut-roast would conjure memories of the 1970s Meat Marketing Board advert – “What No Meat, What no meat – what about a bit of British Lamb” etc: Remember that? OK – just showing my age – huh?

Well – I could eat my own words now, because I only eat meat once a week and fish a couple of times, the remainder is entirely veggie – and I am loving it. The meal I had yesterday was a tray bake, ‘but not as we know it Jim’ – with a beautiful red-current jelly sauce and a non-meat, bread-crumb stuffing, it was just magnificent, and I feel so much more alive and have lost a lot of weight too.

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All your greens on one plate 🙂

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Healthy Living

Healthy Living