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Green Light to Help Make London Greener

James Blake Associates recently got the green light to make a street in London, green. We have introduced more nature into the heart of London.  This is nature enhanced, because we’ve included some exotic species, but only those that the invertebrates love, being scented and with nectar rich flowers, (and the people using the space like them too)!

We have combined biodiversity with creating an oasis for people to use, meet, socialise, eat lunch, stretch, breathe, sun-bathe, unwind, cool down, read, sit, and all those things we all like to do outdoors.  This makes for a healthier, saner – more sustainable lifestyle in what is a metropolis of an ever more frenetically paced life.

James Blake Associates is a national landscape architectural practice, but we believe our natural landscapes embrace a universal message – that we have to look after, and work in harmony with our landscape, ensuring that in developing, we are not ‘costing the earth’. This approach also saves on both build cost and maintenance cost, but is greener, healthier and a lot more responsible too.

At James Blake Associates, we keep things simple, green, and ‘cost’ effective.

Green London by James Blake Associates