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Existing Schemes – How Much Could You Save?

In business its a big mistake to think – I’ve already paid for that – I cannot justify more fees – even though to do so might save you much more money overall. Say you bought new software for £10k, because it saves you 50K, then new free software comes along – that’ll save you £60K. Do you stick to your £50k software – because you spent money on it? No – you ditch it and use the free software to gain the additional savings.

At James Blake Associates we believe we can help you achieve massive savings from revisiting recently “canned” and completed schemes not yet built. You see – we know there are better, lower build cost and maintenance cost solutions that will still tick all the planning boxes.

I’m offering you a no-win – no-fee deal, that if I cannot save you a minimum of 10 x our fee – you’ll pay no fee at all. In fact, I’m confident we’ll save you much, much more than 10 x our fee: if we save you £10k – 50k (or more) for less than £1k – that would be a good business decision. If we cannot make these savings – we will save you what we can, but will make no charge at all.

We find Green Infrastructure is designed with many inefficiencies, ones most designers won’t know about – unless you’ve maintained a landscape. Therefore, JBA is unique, because we have a landscape management company too. We VE any scheme to make it better, lower build cost, much lower maintenance cost, but still wow! Contact us today – 01284 335797 /