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COP 26

The last climate conference was marred by Ostriches and the evil minded – peddling fake news that climate change is a hoax. Even From my own evidence of weather data – it shows the warming and when I recall my late father’s account of learning his ice skating skills on the winter ponds of his father’s Sussex farm, you’d think he might have been drinking too much local gin, if it was today – rather than the 30s and early 40s.

It seems futile for us each to do anything about this in the face of China’s and the USA’s combined output of 41% of total green house emissions between them, compared to just 1% in the UK, but it is the individuals all making a small difference that compounds to make a world of difference. If you ever doubted how the tiniest thing can make a profound impression and difference, then remember the last time you heard a mosquito buzzing in your bedroom.

For climate change Greta Thunberg has been that mosquito, and we should all be grateful for every whine and buzz she has made on our behalf.

At JBA, each of our team are making a difference daily, by driving electric cars, by eating a little less meat, by wilding parts of our gardens, by banishing plastics, by designing natural green spaces, by specifying green and sustainable products, by recycling whenever possible and practicable, by using low energy LED bulbs, and by living our culture of cooperation, support for one another and sharing information about greener products, foods and services. Join us in the quiet mission for change, without divisive all or nothing thinking, without being black or white about meat, products or anything – just start to do some things and together – well all save our planet for our children. Time is already against us, and the time for doing is now. The ostriches and those that would lie for their own greed have delayed action by 10 years. Now we have to gamble our futures at + 3 degrees instead of securing our futures at the hoped for rise of just 1.5 degrees. That is almost reached now. We need to stop the Oceans and permafrost releasing the trapped methane – for that would be our final doom. That’s why we must all get with this and do our bestest be it big or be it small… #climatechange #team #energy #recycling#culture #data #china #sustainable #cars #change #grateful #learning

cop 26