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The State of The UK

There has never been a better time to drive electric: Fuel prices relentlessly seem to rise. Even modest mileage will cost £7k more per annum than electric at current fuel costs: That’s now much more than the extra cost of the electric car in the first place, over a 3 or 4 year deal on a PCP, especially with new vehicles like the Vauxhall Mokka-e, and Peugeot e-208 available under £30k.

The post pandemic boom Boris has basked in these past party-gate months – cannot be sustained – and the sobering slow-down into Stagflation is due to very real shortages in goods and labour across the board: So finally, we can witness the true effects of Brexit on worsening both and seriously hiking inflation, just like the 1970s. No-one learns from history, no-one ever did: they seem destined to repeat the same shameful mistakes, like a time loop of despair: Memories are shorter than they should be, but also most alive today were not born then. For those needing a history lesson, we in the UK finally joined the then “common market” under Ted Heath (conservative) in 1975 (by referendum), that result precipitated by a decade or two of the UK economy falling far behind those countries that were in it (what is now the EU).

We leave now – as a consequence of a few popularist orators (Farage and Boris in the main) to feather the careers of those who’ll say anything to rally a roar of applause from the braying Daily Mail mob, even such insanity as bringing back imperial measurements, just so they get a lucrative book deal, when they eventually are forced out office or favour, by a nation woke to the smell of EU coffee and it finally dawns on more people (like some guilty hangover from the party you should not have embarrassed yourself at), they have been sold down the river, just to ensure the Reece-Mog off-shore hedge funds are not taxed like ordinary companies and self-employed.

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