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Biodiversity net gains

One really important difference that James Blake Associates has as a team, in the eyes of our clients, is our multi-disciplinary services (Arb, Eco, Landscape and legacy), but it’s not just the multi-disc that’s the key point of difference – (several other firms have that too) but the spirit in which it operates.

For any service – there must be the right quality and quantity of service delivery to be seen as desirable by our clients, but the key thing that would make me keep coming back, were I a client, is the spirit in which the service is delivered: The engagement: the cohesion, the client’s eye vision, understanding and seamlessness of how these disciplines interweave – to ensure RM conditions are released frictionlessly. That is the icing on the cake – in terms of service delivery. That means big things, such as ensuring coordinated habitat retention and creation zones to the everyday coordination – such as things like: Landscapes have not missed the eco’ recommendations for hedgehog holes; or planted trees under the canopy of an existing tree not overlayed… etc.

The LEMP – having the key arb and eco recommendations – and the actions to make them happen.

So, to make extra sure we all have an understanding of those disciplines we need to know about that are not our own, each head of department will be giving a training session on their subject in turn, so that way we can show clients we are different, we are cross trained and we have a unique spirit of delivery.

Biodiversity net gains